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We welcome you with

Chris Griscom

INTENSIVE LIFE-CHANGING RETREAT first time in Estonia, 5 days with Chris Griscom and her professional team to release your infinite potentials.
10th-15th of May '24, Estonia 

Chris white sands standing - 1_edited_ed
One on one

Do you feel the calling? Your soul is directing you to know more..

Join Chris on her eye opening TALK,
LIVE in Tallinn (in English)

9th of MAY | 17.00 - 19.00
Early bird donation - 69
(Donation from 01.05.24 - 80€)

Limited spots available!

Thoughts on what to expect

What really shapes the person you are today? What is revealed when we pull away the veils of illusion. How to manage your thoughts and feel inner freedom.

How to set free limitations that you have carried lifetimes. As your consciousness expands, you will discover that you are a wise and powerful soul who is here in body to give a gift to the world.

How to free yourself karmically, exploring the physical and deep emotional imprints you inherited.

"The feel is always intimate because of the "exercises in consciousness". Our world needs a powerful bridge between personal Karma and purpose on global level that can be so easily intertwined with our daily life,  through consciousness and love." 

Exclusive!! Private one on one sessions available in Tallinn (in English)

8th, 9th and 10th of MAY 
Session donation - 490
No sessions available!

Session with Chris

Private exclusive one on one session with Chris Griscom, taking place in Tallinn, Estonia.

Feel the deep healing, deep alignment with yourself. You may ask questions and you will get personal guidance.

When moving into the Inner Essences, you are creating an entire­ly new avenue of reality, allowing you to reach more deeply than you have ever imagined, into a sense of knowing, where you will expand into the multi-dimensional experience of the Soul.

As these private sessions are very popular, don't miss this and register now. 


with global Spiritual leader

10th - 15th of MAY 2024, in Estonia
5 days with Chris and her professional team to release your infinite potentials.

Small group, LAST spot available!

For over 66 years of unique method, Chris is bringing to you her healing teachings, development of spiritual technology, the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of the Soul. 

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Intensive includes

Small group of like-minded people, supported by Chris and Light Institute Facilitators trained for years personally by Chris. 

Every day we have morning meditations with Chris. Every meal time is spent together :)

Unique personalized private 4-day Multi-Incarnational sessions, 2h each day with Light Institute Facilitator.

One time during Intesive, a Light Institute Cranial session to activate master glands that influences the expansion of Consciousness.

Every day morning & afternoon time with Chris, where she is assessing the energy of the group and setting the frequencies for the Incarnational Sessions, and making sure the group is "on track" with their Sessions. 

Once you register, Chris begins weaving you into the higher frequencies & dimensions of the Sessions she is creating for you as a part of your Global purpose. 

Wheat field

"To experience the Soul, the mind has to be reoriented in another direction. Presently, the mind is involved with the objective, physical world, yet it can just as easily look into the deeper world of the Soul.
Soul Centering may be the most powerful gift you could give yourself.
Grace, freedom of expression, fusion, ecstasy, conscious choice, knowing, and the voice of your Higher Self—this is Soul Centering!"


Accomodation and Catering

Intensive retreat with Chris Griscom will take place in cosy seashore stay at Kalaranna Holiday Home, 1,5h ride from Tallinn. All rooms have sea view and since we have the whole house, you can find space to be with your thoughts or share them with others. 

The Intensive is accompanied by organic food to support your life-changing processes made by Minna Jõgi
Minna will consider your special requests and will organize 15 meal times. If there should be a case that you want a snack between meals, don't worry, we have something prepared for you to take at all times.

You are welcome to arrive on 10th of May from 15.00 but no later than 17.00.
We are saying goodbye to everybody on the 15th of May at 12.00.

Chris is creating these Intensives for those of you who are shaping the World.

Chris Griscom is a Global Spiritual Leader, Visionary and Advocate for Humanity. She has been awarded with many awards around the world, included Sewa Chakra Award, past recipients including the late Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama. 

Chris Griscom has founded several institutions that focus upon the uplifitng of Humanity and its role as guardians in our world: The Sanctuary of Light and The Nizhoni Institute for Global Consciousness, as well as the internationally acclaimed Light Institute of Galisteo.  She has authored many books, that have been translated around the world, on subjects of higher consciousness and Human potential.
Chris Griscom has devoted her life to the development of spiritual technology, the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of the Soul.  She travels the world giving talks and seminars, while continuing her work at The Light Institute.

about Chris

Chris Griscom designes, always, the Light Institute Intensives to activate the "LIFE-FORCE ENERGIES" of "the highest octave of divine play". 

The Incarnational Sessions designed specifically for each Light Institute Intensive are SO POWERFUL that they are only given in an Intensive format, and only for small groups.

hat makes us different from other institutions who look at “past lives”,  is that we have developed a very specific energetic technology of conciousness that allows us to dissolve away those lifetimes.

Its not enough to see them, to hold them in your intellect, but to dissolve away the powerful ones, the sad ones.. all of them.. so that you are free to be in the moment, so you are free to let this energy go back into the unmanifested and come back magnetized to you, to support the base of evolution, to help you to really expand."


Unique method

The most powerful Intensive of your life, activating Life-Force energies shaping your purpose.

5 days on Intensive program with Chris and her professional team trained personally by Chris. Intensive SO POWERFUL that this is only in small group.

Chris Griscom personally guiding throughout the Intensive. Unique personalized private 4-day Multi-Incarnational sessions, 2h each day with Light Institute Facilitator.

Private sessions accompanied by powerful group meditations and guidance by Chris. One Light Institute Cranial session to activate master glands that influences the expansion of Consciousness.

Accomodation (5 nights) in a supporting and beautiful holiday home by the sea. 
Organic meals prepared for you considering your preferences.

Join Chris at
Light Institute Intensive (in English)

10th - 15th of MAY 2024

Kalarannna Holiday Home, Vihula county, Lääne-Virumaa

Donation - 4 500€
Small group, ONE spot available!

"I send to you my support and my great love, from the Light Institute of Galisteo"


Register NOW, and we will send you further details.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to have additional information.

Terje Pällo, contact in Estonia (EE, EN)

+372 511 5953

Light Institute (EN)

+1 505 466-1975

Thank you! We will get back to you during few days.

I can whisper freedom
And it comes to me.
A vision, a path, a dance.

I can call its name, 
Freedom, freedom.
It is my friend.
Freedom brings
Beauty, peace,
And laughter.

Quickenings: Meditations for the Millennium, p 30, Chris Griscom

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