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When and how much to go to therapy?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to handle the situation and feelings on your own, or rather ask someone for support. Here is a simple and short answer to it: if you can't or don't know how to go forward, seek help. If you meet once with the therapist, you will get first relief, but when dedicating more time to yourself, you will reach deeper and longer lasting changes.

In therapy, you can experience listening, understanding, reflections, guidance to new beings and, above all, a safe and healing space to be. Sometimes you run out of strength, situations are very difficult and emotions are burning painfully. Sometimes you just need to discuss things with someone, unleash a new place of creativity, create freshness, inspiration and clarity in yourself. That's when it's the right moment to seek support and help.

Together it is easier to look at difficult topics, discuss things, share concerns, and consolidate new solutions. In a good supportive atmosphere, changes get a much faster start and permanent ground for development. Coming to therapy does not mean that there is something wrong with you. On the contrary, strong are those who dare to look at themselves, work on themselves, believe that they can change something.

At the same time, it is very important to understand that you yourself are the creator of your life. The healer is within each of us. Without your own strong desire, inner faith and dedicated action, real change cannot happen. No one else or any magic can fix you from the outside. If you yourself are not ready to contribute, take an honest look at yourself, take responsibility, correct your life and daily activities, then nothing can be permanently changed. For a while, relief can be brought from the outside, good advice can be given, but without commitment it is easy to slip back into the old familiar habits and ways of being.

My goal is to provide the customer

- Better self-understanding, the ability to get in touch with yourself again and be completely honest with yourself. The ability to notice what is really happening to you and what you feel, what affects you and how you react to situations both internally and externally.

- So to speak, I provide for you a toolbox of support, which helps to behave in a new way and create a meaningful change. If you already get in touch with yourself more, you also have more accurate and immediate information to make decisions and the opportunity to take the direction of your life into your own hands again. With good supportive techniques, exercises and noticing, this is much easier to do.

How much and how often to come to therapy depends on the situation and the person.

It is good to think first or even write it down,

- what are your current topics that you want to look at, change, where you want to bring relief;

- what do you expect from therapy, whether listening and discussion, primary peace and a new support surface or a bigger change;

- what you have done in the past to support yourself or to solve this situation.

During meetings, a good first step and a great help is to share your situation in a safe and neutral space, to speak honestly and with support, to reflect on pain points together. From there, you can already look, decide whether you want a deeper change, whether you are ready to really deal with these topics, to understand why you repeatedly attract similar situations and experience difficulty in yourself. From here on, it's good to find new ways to change your mindset and actions to live a more authentic life.

Sequential meetings have an advantage because

- this way you can look at things more thoroughly;

- you can discuss and analyze what happened last time;

- you can reflect together on the changes, events and feelings of the interim period;

- you can observe the success of so-called tools and add new techniques;

- with permanent support, it is easier to function calmly.

We can reach the best solutions together and find a suitable and effective form of meetings just for you.

Feel free to contact us and we will discuss it together.


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