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Therapy and self-management techniques are for every person who wants to change their life so that they feel happiness and lightness every day

We all experience some degree of mood swings, stress, and emotional distress in our daily lives. The reasons can vary - the situation at work, relationships at home or with friends, financial difficulties, high expectations for yourself, abuse, loss of a loved one, health problems, etc.


If life's twists and turns have led you to a situation where you feel like you're in the "wrong movie", it's good to know that you don't have to be alone and you can find help. Emotions and thoughts create our mood and health, affect whether we feel energized or tired and empty. Taking care of your own mental health strengthens your daily ability to understand yourself and  your surroundings, allows you to cope with different situations with ease, and gives you the inner peace to understand that you yourself create your life, and that challenges can be exciting.  

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Client Feedback
"My two sessions with Terje were very supportive. Her loving presence helped me relax, I felt cared for and safe. The guided meditation led me to meet myself, through pain, to new possibilities. I also noticed how precisely and consciously she used words and asked questions: clearly a professional ! Both times I left the therapy room with a blissful lightness and greater clarity that carried me even weeks later."
Minni, therapy and events client

Stress & Trauma

Difficulty controlling emotions, easily irritated, constant feelings of anger or mood swings, sadness and a feeling of emptiness, depression, grief and bereavement of a loved one, health concerns and unexplained pains, supporting a loved one's illness, experiencing abuse - both emotional, material and physical, traumatic experiences and healing from them.

Feeling & Anxiety

Changing one's own behavior patterns, finding their reasons, achieving a sense of peace and identifying the necessary steps, low self-esteem and improving it, persistent fear of the future, insomnia, the need for control, eating disorders, health concerns, difficulty concentrating.

Career counselling

Choosing a career and developing it, connecting working life with your own goals, stress-free happy work, flexible forms of work, work-life balance, starting and developing your own business, team management and motivation, material freedom, labour market developments.

Parenting & Children

Child and family dynamics at different stages of development, parent's role, difficulties and responsibility, your child's difficulties with learning or a drop in motivation, difficulty concentrating, constant quarrels, difficulty finding a trusting connection with the child,  handling irritation, recognizing behaviour patterns and childhood traumas and changing them in order to be able to be honestly present for the child and create a clean relationship, pregnancy and childbirth, a new child in the family.

We open a safe space for the child to learn about and express his or her emotions.

Relationships & Divorce

Improving mutual relations, reflecting and learning to listen, developing healthy self-expression,  boundaries and their establishment, relationship patterns and their origins, the occurrence of childhood traumas in adult life, getting rid of traumas in order to live fully, getting rid of passive-aggressiveness and noticing a pattern, valuing oneself and the expression of this healthy life. Difficulty creating and maintaining relationships.

Grief at parting, support in the separation process.

Support for the athlete

Top sports are accompanied by tensions, the need for achievement, perfectionism and self-transcendence. Finding a strategy in sports and developing abilities with the support of one's own strengths, expanding the limits of ability with meditation, concentration techniques, state of mind programming, injuries and their effect on the psyche, healthy contact with your body, life after top sport.

How to support a child in sports, create a healthy life relationship with competition, achievements, comparisons with others.

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Stress & Trauma
Enesetunne & Ärevus
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