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I am a passionate believer that you can be happy here and now and experience paradise on earth. With an awareness of today's world, people do not have to suffer. We have the potential and the right to organize our lives in such a way that we can enjoy our activities and experiences. 


I believe that every soul here has its own journey and experiences, and no one can or should act as judge. Sincere and direct people who dare to be honest with themselves and others are beatiful. Wearing external masks and escaping behind roles is out of date. The biggest challenge and courage is to get to know your true nature, to notice what is really happening within you, what motivates you, directs you, influences you, where you should direct your attention and energy. Dare to dream big, make the impossible possible, touch the world deeply and make the experience here better for everyone. We are the creators of our own lives and each of us has the right to decide and choose what to experience here, but it would be good and reasonable if it meets two criteria:

You yourself are truly at peace and happy,

and it does not harm the functioning and actions of others. 

I feel that we have grown out of out-dated social patterns and fear-based living. It's time to create and live from the heart, enjoying the beauty of creation, feeling happiness and joy. 



Holistic Regression Therapist
Holistic Institute, Estonia


Preschool Pedagogy
Tallinn University, Estonia


Master of Science, Economics
University of Tartu, Estonia

I am a member of the Holistic Regression Therapy Society HORETES with professional certificate No. TAM-0149, active until Oct 2028. I have been working as a therapist since 2017. I have helped individuals, children and couples. Depending on the situation, I can also provide therapies together with my life partner Ivar.

In addition to Bachelor studies in child development, I have participated in various courses related to children, such as Gordon's Family School, children's sex education, sleep school, children's nutrition and supporting autistic children.

I have a master's degree in business administration and marketing, Cum Laude. 


Bachelor of Business
California State University, Fresno

In addition

I have a bachelor's degree in business administration and entrepreneurship, Magna Cum Laude.

 -  Teacher of Presence 5 months training, Eckhart Tolle, Canada and online

 -  We Galactics Intensive, Chris Griscom, Creece

 -  Yoga Teacher Course, Amsterdam

 -  Releasing Breath, Bo Walström

 -  Inner Peace Conference, 2 years, Amsterdam

 -  DNA Activation Course, Chris Griscom, Greece

 -  Releasing Karmic Relationships, Chris Griscom, Finland

 -  Deep Meditation Experience, Osho Centre, Pune, India 

 -  Silence and Yoga Retreats x 4, guided by Satya and Sahachi, Bali

 -  Child therapy training

 -  Imago couple therapist training, John Mortensen and Rebecca Sears

 -  EFT or tapping technique training

 -  The Journey Technique trainings, Brandon Bays

 -  Camino de Santiago hiking trips x 3, Spain

 -  Healing workshop and private annual development programme with Nana Hendricks from the USA

 -  4 years of energy work and self-healing cooperation with Michael Dake from the USA

 -  Group and private healing sessions with Lauro Hinostroza García, founder of the Traditional Medicine Institute of Peru-Mexico

 -  Many meditation, traditional medicine and introspection circles, yoga and breathing courses


My mission is to help people find inner happiness

About me and my values

Professionally, I have worked in the field of marketing, communication and personnel. Most of my activities in the business field have been international, I have experience in both private business and large corporations. I have worked in the United States, been involved in creating, building from scratch and participating in several internationally oriented businesses. 


Today, I have combined my experiences of the business world and my interest in people, and in addition to therapies, I am engaged in head hunting for top level managers and specialists. I advise and bring together exciting companies and the best professionals. I have built up a relevant service, team and extensive customer base. My passion is to bring warmth, softness, and doing things with a different meaning to the business world, and my colleagues in today's venture jokingly call me the "engineer of human souls".

I enjoy communication and creation  – I have organized trainings, conferences, and courses in Estonia and internationally, and exciting self-discovery trips to Bali, Indonesia. 

I am a truly happy and proud mother of four sons, and when my children were born, I also went to university to study child development. My children are my greatest gifts and creations in this life, each one of them has developed me with their uniqueness and warmth, touched me to the core of my heart and helped me to understand and enjoy the life here. I grew up as the middle child between two brothers in an active and loving family. 

I deeply appreciate the value of a healthy body and balanced lifestyle. A large part of my life has been related to exercise and sports. Sport has taught me dedication, honesty, cooperation and the inestimable value of a healthy lifestyle. I have shared in the greatest joys and also the particular challenges of top-level professional sport. From the age of 9, I travelled around the world attending tennis competitions and until the age of 24 competed in international competitions. In addition, I was the Estonian champion in squash and the Women's Captain and a member of the board of the Niitvälja Golf Club. I have loved skiing and snowboarding since childhood, going to the mountains in both winter and summer is a wonderful experience and tradition for me. It offers the most amazing connection with natures beauty and  provides a lot of awareness and space for life. I love backpacking and have been on the Camino de Santiago and in Norway many times to meet myself, to enjoy hiking with lovely friends. For many years, I have been part of the charm and beauty of sailing both in Estonia and among the Greek islands.

I am in deep contact with nature and the plant world. I believe it is an endless storehouse of knowledge from which to draw ancient wisdom, depth of the soul, and understanding of the bigger picture.  I admire the depth and beauty, simplicity, power and magic of nature, all together in one being, which provides sense of.  presence and stillness, wild power and creative wisdom. I enjoy life in the countryside and in the middle of nature, I love to put my hands in the soil, sit in the evenings at sunset with birdsong, the hum of the forest and the sound of the sea in the background. I respect the transformative power of fire and the creative flow of water. I admire my faithful and loyal, very smart friend, Lora, a Golden Retriever, for being and supporting me, my lovely family, and anyone who is ready to receive it. 


I adore moments in silence and with myself, where you quietly notice, realize, and are so present in the moment that patterns and filters become visible and clear at the same time. I believe in the deep touch of love, know and have the experience that there is an unlimited amount of love for everyone. By sharing it together, it only multiplies. Love and satisfaction are something that cannot be provided by a single person or external thing. Only as much as you experience it in yourself, you will receive the same level reflected from the outside world. Sharing love and experiencing it together multiplies it endlessly. Being your own greatest friend, greatest love, best caregiver is one of life's most beautiful and exciting challenges. The state in which we approach the day, and our activities creates the content and meaning for ourselves and others. 


I have experienced deep touches where being becomes easy, things fall into place as if by magic, and something much deeper and more powerful is set in motion. It is beautiful functioning in connection with life, being at peace, relaxing into trust.  

With Love,
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