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Strength and fragility in one place

Today I admire all who choose to be in a close relationships. Be it with a loving partner, friend, family member or life itself. I bow in respect to all who dare to open first of all to themselves, but also to the world and to others. I admire people who have the confidence to allow another being into their personal space, very close to them. Take off restrictions, useless masks and show their true nature honestly and without limits. Share their thoughts, feelings, experiences openly. Take the time to really listen to each other. To speak from the soul, to feel with all the heart and to live with passion ... BE YOURSELF and allow others to be themselves without judgment!

It's a good feeling, hugely liberating and spacious. There is something wonderful about this vulnerable state of fragility, tenderness ... limitless acceptance and beauty. There is power, real CREATION, your soul path, something much deeper and more beautiful in this state of being.

There is no doubt that close relationships are a highway to yourself, to healing your childhood wounds and to your deeper development. The other person next to you is just a mirror to see and learn to know yourself even better. I wish softness and courage to us all on this wonderful journey. May we continue to have strength and support to open ourselves to creating together and to inner personal development.


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