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How to find the safety to be yourself again?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

One of the greatest challenges is to trust again when you've been hurt, painfully disappointed, helplessly caught in the gears of life. How can you find the strength and the courage to try again, open your heart and trust? To believe that you can give up all social masks, be sincere and direct. To dare to open yourself to other people, to believe in love again. How can you feel your emotions, express your thoughts, dreams, and desires, and do and choose activities, jobs and relationships you truly like?

The first step towards yourself is unconditional honesty with yourself, asking what is really happening within you, what do you feel, desire and experience inside. After that, you can understand that there is no need to fear, hide, and make your feelings and emotions disappear. Rather, it is safe and good to get to know them, take time to notice and accept them. By taking such steps, you realize that none of the feelings are really good or bad, neither are these feelings you. You are perfect, as you are. Making peace with yourself creates valuable peace and freedom inside. The fact that you have been hurt in the past, gone through difficult experiences, got into challenging situations does not make you wrong or somehow less.

On the contrary, vulnerability is your strength. If you dare to be really honest, share your story with yourself and others, do things from the heart and truly be yourself, then miracles will begin to happen. You will soon reach a place where you realize how liberating and safe it is to be completely honest, to be truly you. We don't have to fit into the same mould, or be the same. Life needs you and your uniqueness. Life awaits your wonderful baggage of experiences, your beautiful soul, and bright personal qualities. It is your own story with all the colourful details that is exciting and beautiful. Don't hide from the world but dare to stand out! You can learn from each of your experiences, it becomes your treasure and an opportunity to understand, help others and create even better solutions.

It is also very supportive to know that all inner feelings and interpretations of the situations can be changed and are chosen by us personally. You create your experiences, and you can shape them according to your wishes. It is important to notice that you are not your emotions. The fact that you sometimes feel anger, sadness, disappointment, joy or lightness does not mean that you yourself are all these feelings. They are just emotions that come and go and can be consciously noticed and managed. This is how your life changes and you yourself decide where your focus goes and what you create.

We have been taught and we are used to paying a lot of attention to external things, physical appearance, achievements, and work results, but how much do you value looking inward, how much do you appreciate someone's warmth, inner purity, and balance. It is very healing to notice that your self-image is exactly like the story you tell about yourself and your experiences, how you interpret your life events. First of all, how you describe them to yourself, but also to others. You can experience a constant awareness and habit to purify your inner state of being. Your inside world is with you all the time and affects your every action, thought and result.

Over the years of the development of humankind, our physical body and hygiene are natural and common to most of us; people are used to washing themselves regularly, watching their diet and exercising. It is now time to learn to take care of the emotional body, to consciously notice thoughts, internal speech, and emotions. Life expectancy increased, quality of life and health improved exponentially when the importance of tooth brushing was understood. The same drastic and fundamental change can happen if you understand and manage your emotions and mind. You can create balance in yourself regardless of external events. Take control of your life and find peace within yourself.

Live sincerely, be open, trust yourself and you can offer the same to your loved ones, children, and others. Bring more simplicity, brightness, joy, support into each day. Together, we will make being here much nicer and warmer for all of us. You can be truly happy in life, and this is the opportunity for each of us. If it is difficult to take the first steps alone, find a reliable supporter who can help you. It's easier together! It's good to know that there are safe places and people with whom you can be completely honest, take the first or next steps in looking into yourself and opening yourself up. Find the support, encouragement and experience to lead you closer to yourself and a happy life.


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